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Trailwalker HK – MacLehose Elevation / Topography Chart

by Gregory Herron on 15/11/2011

Already starting to feel the butterflies, but I know I’m ready.  Have been reading up on “How to Finish Trailwalker without Dying” blogs this week while I try to rest, eat well, and stretch.

The ups and downs of Trailwalker HK

Here’s one I like: and

Here’s a great MacLehose Topography chart that I find useful:

Please pray for us on Friday and Saturday, HK time.  I’ll be singing, huffing, and puffing my way up these great beautiful slopes of tropical Hong Kong.  I might even set up a GPS Social Hiking Map where you can follow my progress with pictures, comments, and path.  Find that at my Social Hiking Profile. See pic of Trailwalker start last year below.

Pak Tam Chung


2 comments on “Trailwalker HK – MacLehose Elevation / Topography Chart

  1. Jeff Herron on said:

    Wow. How long are you going to be hiking, exactly? Looks like you’ll be at it for days!

    Wish I could hike it with you. You’ll have our prayers.

    • Gregory Herron on said:

      Our team estimate is 30 hours of trekking. There is no “exact” when much is unknown about weather, teammates, and physical condition. Many people get blisters, heat exhaustion, and just plain pass out. Oh well, I’ll do my best.
      I’m getting pretty good at this stuff, so now I have much more experience for my “Full Potential” and Adventure courses with kids. Just really want to push for my best while I’m still “young” eh.

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