Friday, August 1, 2014

360 Panorama

360 Panorama

by Gregory Herron on 14/11/2011

For only 99¢ – an absolute great value is the new 360 Panorama App.  At this link you can view both the 360 Panorama App and the 360Verse page (the way to browse and share your Panoramas).  Burning Bush HK now has a 360 Panorama Category, so you can quickly and easily view all the posts that contain panoramic images.

The first awesome Panoramas that I would like to share are…

1. Most inspiring 360 Panorama user I’ve discovered – Tom Pace


2. Awesome Panorama of the summit of Mt Everest (360 Panorama App not used).

Summit of Mt Everest


3. My first 360 Panorama shot of first floor Burning Bush Base Camp in Hong Kong.


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