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De-cluttering and Essential Growth

by Gregory Herron on 15/11/2012

It was never my intention to stall this long between posts about personal growth and outdoor adventure on this blog.  Ouch!  What have I learned?  And where is Burning Bush writing going from here?  De-cluttering and Essential Growth.

For far too long I have almost obsessively tried to simultaneously juggle numerous projects, regardless of their productivity or connection to an audience.  “Never know what may take off…” I told myself.  2012 has been surprising, challenging, and confusing for me.  I have finally come to the conclusion, though, after beating too many dead horses, that some projects must die.  I will focus on the ones that bring me excitement, passion, and energy!

Today is the start of de-cluttering this website and also my One Big Thing in life.  In the past, I have delved into myself to find that “one big thing” that I am meant to accomplish with my life. I got close to defining it accurately, but it always seemed blurry.  I was analyzing my heart and life too much through the lens that self-help and personal growth circles of the physical realm so heartily provide.  But guess what?  Their wisdom had a ring of truth to it, yet after implementing it I consistently felt selfish and yucky.  I was not being me.

Be not ashamed that Jesus of Nazareth, that ever-mysterious character of Israel, radically changed my spirit and focus 18 years ago.  He must lead me into true simplicity, complete personal destiny, and connection with the tools required for such a quest.


2011 Year-in-Review / 2012 Goals Worksheet

by Gregory Herron on 21/12/2011

Time to reflect

Really turning up the heat on helping people know themselves better, make appropriate action plans, and motivating them to reach their goals and their full potential ultimately. I loved these reflections so much that I made a worksheet out of them, and I wanted to pass it on to you.  Hope it serves you well as you thoughtfully prepare for a great 2012!  Just pass on this great info to others with either Facebook or Twitter, and the worksheet is yours!

Reflection Worksheet

Reflection Worksheet


Adventures into the Wild

My dad’s recent email provoked a more thoughtful response out of me regarding my recent long-distance mountain trek in the remote hills of Hong Kong.  It was a proverbial whopper ®. I am now ready to discuss what happened that night. It all came down to Experience and Experimentation.  I had been preparing for the [...]

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Burning Bush Course Flyers

It’s been a long time coming. Much trial and error went into these first course offerings. Much discussion, much inspiration, and much determination to make a syllabus that truly empowers participants to sharpen their skills, to push for their full potential, and to peel back the layers to find the true gold inside themselves. “The [...]

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Trailwalker HK – MacLehose Elevation / Topography Chart

Already starting to feel the butterflies, but I know I’m ready.  Have been reading up on “How to Finish Trailwalker without Dying” blogs this week while I try to rest, eat well, and stretch. Here’s one I like: and Here’s a great MacLehose Topography chart that I find useful: Please pray for us on Friday [...]

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Everest Courses

Everest is a place where people go for a challege. A challenge that will bring them face to face with the truth about themselves and the truth about the world. It was once said… “The mountaintop has the capacity to radically change one’s perspective on oneself, on the world, and on one’s place in that [...]

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Base Camp Courses

Base Camp is a place where people can get totally prepped to climb the toughest mountains of their lives and overcome great obstacles, a place for rest, a place to be with friends after a tough climb, a place to plan and wait together for the next stages of the journey. It is somewhere people [...]

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Trailblazer Courses

Trailblazers know what their heart is saying. They know it’s important to stay determined, inspired, and rooted in the right soil. They will make an exceptional difference in the world, because they will spend their one and only life being and doing something they enjoy. This is my goal, and I hope you too can [...]

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360 Panorama

360 Panorama

For only 99¢ – an absolute great value is the new 360 Panorama App.  At this link you can view both the 360 Panorama App and the 360Verse page (the way to browse and share your Panoramas).  Burning Bush HK now has a 360 Panorama Category, so you can quickly and easily view all the [...]

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To respond to inquiring minds at Burning Bush HK, we’ve created this Frequently Asked Questions page.  Please make a comment below with any other questions you may have that are not already listed here. More answers coming soon! Q #1:  How does a typical Burning Bush training session run? See Answer #1 here.   Q [...]

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